Quick tips for glowing skin

Quick tips for glowing skin

This is true that - our skin is a real mirror of our over all health and not every one is lucky to have perfect pores. Here you will get some quick tips for glowing skin. So, use these tips before going to a party or an event because it is really fast to get glowing skin quickly.

Quick tips for glowing skin

- First of all, try to give your skin a good steam treatment in order to open and cleanse your pores.

- Take hot boiling water in a bowl.

You can also use some herbs (while boiling the water) for better result.

If you are with oily skin then use peppermint or thyme

If your skin type is sensitive or dry skin then use chamomile

For normal skin - rosemary or lavender

  • . Sit at a table with your face over the bowl and a towel over your head.

  • Keep your face a comfortable distance from bowl, not so close you hurt from the heat, but not so far that nothing happens. This should open your pores.

  • Once the steam is finished, rinse your face with lukewarm water and a wash cloth.

Now, you need to exfoliate your skin in order to remove dead skin cells immediately after steaming, this will make your skin to glow. There are many products available in the market such as apricot shells, sand and other products; however, a natural loofah works just as well. Select one best for you and massage your face gently, for about 2 to 3 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

- After completing your exfoliation step make a honey mask by mixing honey with just enough flour to make a paste, add , few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mask on your face for 15 minutes and rinse with water.

For extra glow, massage your face with olive oil after cleaning your mask.  Olive oil is the best natural moisturizer.

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  1. Steaming your face should never be done before an event or party as some people break out.
    Beauty treatments and facials should be done at least 5 days before the event or party.