How to make dull skin glow

How to make dull skin glow

If you feel that your skin looks dull then don’t worry because here are some tips on how to make dull skin glow. First of all, keep this in mind - Healthy glowing skin is a reflection of a healthy and well-maintained body. Therefore, maintain a good lifestyle habits, diet and above all a good skin care regimen to get a healthy glow on dull skin.

How to get glow on dull skin

  • Water is the best natural cleanser and is essential for keep your body well hydrated. Hydrated skin is also known as glowing skin. Therefore, try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will also keep the skin elastic and reduce signs of aging.
  • Make your diet menu healthy and balanced. Stay away from unhealthy foods such as junk food, oily food, coffee, alcohol, fatty foods etc. In order to get healthy looking skin, include plenty of fruits and vegetables in to your diet menu.
  • Exercise is also important for younger looking skin because it helps promote the blood circulation which gives skin a healthy glow. It is also beneficial in body and skin detoxification process. So, make a regular exercise plan for your skin.
  • Maintain a good skincare routine. Do not forget to exfoliate your skin because it helps remove dead skin cells. Stay away from chemical based skin care products. Try to choose mild- herbal skin care products for your skin.

Here is one homemade glowing skin recipe for you. Use this recipe twice a week for better results:



Rose water

Lemon juice

How to use:-

  • First of all, wash your face using a herbal face wash.
  • Mix all ingredients given above ( equal quantity).
  • Apply the mixture on the desired part(S) of your body such as face, neck, hands etc.
  • Leave it on for about 15-30 minutes depending on the skin type. (Dry skin: 25-30 minutes, Oily Skin: 15-20 minutes).
  • Wash it gently with warm water

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