Papaya for glowing skin

Papaya for glowing skin

There are many benefits of incorporating papaya in to your skin care regimen. It is loaded with many skin friendly properties. Papaya is a good source of anti-oxidants and essential enzymes. You can use it in many ways according to your needs. You can either eat it or use as a facial mask. In both of the cases you will get a healthy glowing skin. It is a good source of vitamin A that helps exfoliate the skin. It also contains Vitamin C, which is an anti-oxidant. The beta-carotene found in papaya is good for maintaining skin’s elasticity.

Papaya facial peel is very beneficial in the treatment of dead skin cells, dull complexion, open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It is also good for collage production. Use this papaya facial peel recipe for glowing skin.

Papaya for glowing skin

Things you’ll need:-

Fresh pineapple – 1 cup

Fresh papaya – ½ cup

Honey - 1 tablespoon

Here papaya and pineapple, both are good sources of natural enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate the skin.

- Puree fruit and add honey to make a smooth paste.

- Apply this paste on your skin.

- Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.

- Rinse off with water.

Papaya body massage recipe for skin glow

 Make a paste by mixing mashed papaya + 3 teaspoons of aloe vera gel. Apply it on your skin but avoid on your facial and sensitive skin areas. Gently massage it on your body. Leave on for about 5 minutes and than rinse off with water.

Papaya for radiant and glowing skin

Fuller's earth – 1 tablespoon

Mashed papaya – 1 tablespoon

Honey – 1 tablespoon

Mix and put on face for 20 minutes then rinse off with water.

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