Evening primrose Oil for Wrinkles

Evening primrose Oil for Wrinkles

One can use various oils to get rid of wrinkles and one such oil for wrinkles is evening primrose oil. Evening primrose oil is fully packed with skin moisturizing, anti aging, anti inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties. You can use it both orally and topically. Given below are some tips on how to use evening primrose oil for wrinkles.

Evening primrose Oil for Wrinkles

Use evening primrose oil to make an effective recipe for eye wrinkles. Mix one ounce of jojoba oil, 10 drops of carrot seed oil together. Now, add liquid of one evening primrose capsule to the mixture. Store the resultant mixture in a clean bottle. To use it, apply it around/under your eyes after your facial cleansing routine.

Evening primrose oil is loaded with gamma linolenic acid that helps promote the collagen production. Make an effective anti wrinkle recipe by combining 2 drops neroli essential oil with 1 oz. evening primrose oil. Soak a small cotton pad in the solution, and apply the mixture directly to your skin.

You can also use evening primrose oil based facial creams to get rid of wrinkles. Lastly, increase your daily water intake to keep your body well hydrated.

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  1. Today, the oil of the evening primrose plant has been extracted into capsules. It is given to patients suffering from ailments such as eczema, diabetes, arthritis, PMS, cardiovascular diseases, and schizophrenia. Hence, it is best known for its aid in fertility.