How to Use Glycerin on Face

How to Use Glycerin on Face

Are you suffering from dry, itchy, flaky, dehydrated facial skin? If yes, then here is one wonderful ingredient for you i.e. glycerin. Use this ingredient to get moisture on your dry skin. Glycerin contains humectant properties. The word”humectant properties” means, water holding properties. To use it on your skin, look for product that contains glycerin as an active ingredient like glycerin based soaps and lotions. Here are some tips on how to use glycerin at home to get rid of dryness and to achieve well moisturized and glowing facial skin. 

How to Use Glycerin on Face

Dilute one part of glycerin (vegetable) with an equal amount of almond oil. You can also use coconut oil for this purpose. In order to make this recipe more refreshing, add your favorite essential oil into it. Apply this mixture on your clean facial skin. Massage your face. Use this remedy every time you cleanse your skin. To get maximum benefits, use this massage recipe at night before you go to your bed.

You can also use glycerin to prepare your skin moisturizing face mask, like:

Mix one tablespoon each of glycerin, ammonia water, honey with half cup pf plain water. Apply this mask on your skin and wait for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.

Apart from above given tips, try to go for glycerin based skin care products like facial lotion, moisturizer etc.

These were some tips on how to use glycerin on the face. Discontinue its use, if you notice any symptom of allergic skin reaction. 

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